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FIDM Costume Exhibit was Inspiring!

photograph fucidin ointment price Thursday, April 21, 2016 Today I went and checked out the FIDM Costume Exhibit in downtown LA. It was really inspiring to see such amazing and intricate work by so many super talented costume designers. So many of the costumes had fine details and tiny stitches that made each piece really exciting to see up close. There are days when I feel like I can barely dress myself! I don’t know how costume designers dress so many people and yet still take the time to be sure every single stitch is in place cialis 20 mg! There was writing on the walls throughout the exhibit that talked about what goes into being a costume designer – some interesting tidbits I didn’t even consider! One quote talked about how a tiny spot on a dress might not seem like a very big deal, but once it is put onto a 300-foot screen, that tiny dot is now 3-feet tall! Talk about paying attention to every single detail! There was also quotes about how the costume designers have to know everything about the set, time period, scenery, weather, and camera lenses while they are creating their designs. Definitely all aspects of a movie that can affect (positively or negatively) the scene. It made me think about the movie The Garden State with Zach Braff and there was a scene…
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Keeping my Sh*t Organized Keeps the Business Going!

Sunday, April 17, 2016 Staying organized when you are running your own business can be super difficult, but it is definitely important! I use the calendar in my phone religiously, but I’m also old school and constantly write things down by hand. I actually remember everything better when I physically write them down, which is why I always have index cards nearby so that I can scribble down all of the random thoughts that pop into my head. I remember getting my first Franklin planner when I was in 7th grade. I used it for everything up until about 5 years ago. I called it my “brain” because without it, I would have missed every meeting I scheduled! I am always busy designing and planning, so having a reliable place to write down important deadlines and notes is vital to keeping my business running. When I am knitting something that doesn’t require much thought, my brain files through the million things I want to get done. To keep track, I use a LOT of index cards. It is my portable to do list and without them, I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! I would be awake all night telling myself “oh yeah, I need to remember to do that tomorrow.” Each night before I go to bed, I make a list of…
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