A Chat with Erica from In The Deep Hue Sea

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In honor of my love for indie dyers, each month I’ll be bringing you an inside look at the dyer behind the gloves! In my upcoming book, Knits That Rock: Volume 1, I’m designing each piece using an indie dyer that inspires me!

Meet dyer, Erica Roberts!

This month, I’ve been knitting with the amazing yarn dyed by Erica Roberts, owner and dyer for In The Deep Hue Sea. Why am I using her yarn for my first project for the book indipill.com? Because it’s been sitting on my shelf staring at me and begging to be knit with while I finished other commissions! As I’m knitting on projects for clients, I stare at yarn and dream of what the alluring colors can become. It hit me one day and her Charcoal Rainbow set told me exactly what it wanted to be. I’ll have an inside peak at that project next week!

Charcoal Rainbow


But for today, here is the story behind the dyer!

How did you get into dying yarn?
I started dyeing yarn when my oldest son was just a baby. I cloth diapered him and LOVED the wool covers and shorts. I taught myself how to knit and then ended up wanting to learn how to dye. I dyed for about 6 years before turning my love for dyeing into a business.

Tell me about your biggest mishap with a dye color gone wrong!
I was dip dyeing a handful of skeins that only get dip dyed half way. The bar I use to lower the yarn into the dye tub ended up slipping and all the skeins fell into the tub! Nothing like 15 skeins of oopsies!

Your favorite fiber or fiber blend base to dye…
Anything with silk! There is something about the luster and shine that makes all colorways extra awesome!

Do you dream of new colorways or how do you find your inspiration?
It really depends. Sometimes I will find inspiration in music, photos, movies, nature, anything really! Other times I will just grab random dye jars and wing it.

Do you listen to music while you dye? If so, what do you usually like to blast?
YES, ALWAYS. I usually let Apple Music do the work and build me a play list. I love all kinds of music but I have been playing lots of Arcade Fire, Dispatch, I Am Kloot, Sia, Vampire Weekend, Miike Snow, The Kooks, System Of A Down, Minus The Bear, The Dirty Heads, Cold War Kids.. the list goes on and on!

When Worlds Collide

The color you most like to play with is…

The color you least like to play with is…
Green… I don’t know what it is, but I tend to avoid it.

Do you enjoy knitting with your own yarn, or do you find yourself knitting with other people’s yarns?
When I do find time to knit, I typically work with my own yarn. Only because I need samples made or am working on new techniques and want to know how they work up.

If you weren’t dying yarn, what occupation would you most likely have?
No idea!! I worked in marketing for a handful of years before I started dyeing full time. I would likely be in some sort of office administrative position. I DO love Excel.

If you had more time in your day, would you want to dye more or knit more?
AHH… how does one choose! I always wish I had more time to knit, but I would probably choose dyeing, so I could come up with different techniques and dye styles.

Dream concert line up is…

Zombies 1, Humans 0

Charcoal Rainbow really stacks up!

Frank Sinatra
Aretha Franklin
The Doors
Pink Floyd
Arcade Fire
System Of A Down

Can I add like 35 more please?

So there you go – a music and color loving dyer and knitter – definitely the type of person I want in my life!

Check back next Tuesday for a sneak peak at the colorful scarf I’m knitting up with her Caribbean Fingering/Sock yarn in the Charcoal Rainbow colorway.