Monthly Archive: May 2016

The Future (without Motion City Soundtrack in it) Freaks Me Out

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 The year was 2003. I was working in the music industry at the time and was given a ticket to see All American Rejects at the El Rey on Wilshire. I was not yet fully jaded by all of the horrible opening bands that I have seen over the recent years, but I was close! It was rare that an opening band would steal my heart the way that Motion City Soundtrack did that night (the only other band I can think of that did that was when Limbeck opened for Good Charlotte). It was about 13 years ago, but it’s one of those events in time when music changes you and defines a moment in your life. Like the time I first heard Green Day’s Kerplunk record. Or Cake’s “The Distance” became the anthem for my high school band trip to Europe. Or the self-titled Eve 6 record that was everything to me my junior year of high school. Or the first time I saw Marvelous 3 perform live. Music has a way of capturing moments in time and you are transported back to a part of your life that was defined by a song, an album, or a band taking the stage. Seeing Motion City Soundtrack that night was one of those defining and life-changing moments that will forever…
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The Truth About Pattern Writing

Sunday, May 1, 2016 I’m feeling a little burnt out this weekend! Writing knitting patterns for multiple sizes is exhausting! The math alone just makes my head spin after a couple of hours! Writing knitting patterns in America is not easy! In Japan, you are given a schematic, stitch pattern, gauge, and simple shaping instructions  – and that’s it! Japanese patterns don’t have any written instructions and the knitter is expected to size their own garment and make their own decisions about what kind of shaping, cast on, bind off, and seaming to do! I have to say that the Japanese are onto something! The majority of knitting patterns are written for women. But here’s the problem – no two women have the same shape! So, how can one pattern (even if written in 5 different sizes!) work for all women? It doesn’t…but we still try to make that work based on “average” measurements. Average?! There is nothing average about sizing for women. I’ll admit that I get annoyed when I go clothes shopping with my husband. He finds jeans that he likes the color of, looks for his waist and length measurements, and then we are in line to check out. He doesn’t even try the damn things on!!! He doesn’t have to worry about a tiny waist and larger hips, or larger hips,…
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