Hello, blogosphere!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello, blogging world! This afternoon I returned home from a conference in Ventura called Craftcation. I thought the checklist of things I need to do was long before…but now I am thinking that I might need to learn to live without sleep! I was able to enjoy so many amazing seminars and learn about the parts of the business that give me heartburn (ie – accounting, wholesale, blogging, and so much more!). I walked away after the long weekend with a thousand tidbits of information – one of them being – I NEED TO JOIN THE BLOGGING WORLD! So here I am – bits of sarcasm and all!

To be honest, I get a little uneasy when it comes to talking about myself. I guess I view my life as pretty boring. But when I meet new people and they ask me what I do for a living – I tell them I am a Professional Knitter (because I don’t really know what else to call myself!). And suddenly I’m the Most Interesting Woman in the World! The questions come pouring in:

But what do you really do to pay the bills?

You KNIT for a living? (bulging eyes of disbelief and confusion)

You can make money doing that?

What exactly does that mean? (Um…it’s two words, which one doesn’t make sense?)

Will you knit me a hat? (for free, of course)

And the – not always appreciated – comments also pour in:

My grandma loves knitting apotheke-zag.de. (this one is my favorite)

I used to knit when I was younger, but I just don’t have time anymore.

You must have a husband that makes good money so you can do your hobby.

Um, hobby?! I work my ass off – more than I ever did at any other job. I was a music publicist at 18 and a school teacher after that – both jobs that are stressful and time consuming…but I never worked as hard as I do now. I honestly can’t remember the last day I had off. Vacation? That’s just an excuse to get away from dishes and laundry…but still knit all day (and probably well into the night)!

Working on the Love Potion Number IX shawl for a Compatto Yarn store sample.

Working on the Love Potion Number IX shawl for a Compatto Yarn store sample.

I’m on deadline just about all the time. But I’m not complaining – I’m super proud that I even have deadlines to make! And the truth is, if I weren’t knitting…I’d be knitting. Even when I have a rare day off where there are no deadlines looming – I’m still going to be knitting (especially if there are less enjoyable things to do such as paying bills and grocery shopping).

Even right now – I have knitting on my lap while I stare at the screen trying to decide what to write next!

Well, I think that’s enough for my first ever blog post. Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @KnitsyKnits and join my mailing list so you know when new blog posts go up! I’ll be sharing fun escapades into my life as a knitter, music lover, world traveler, and all around fan of anything that makes me happy!

Knit and Rock On!

~Krista Ann

P.S. I’m a night owl, so there won’t be any 6am blog posts…unless I’m posting before I go to bed!!!